Product Category:Furniture leather/Bed leather/ROSEMARY

Width:                 1380mm-1400mm

Weight:                550g±55g

Thickness:           1.0mm±0.1mm

Composition:       60% PU + 32% polyester + 8% cotton

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Water-based PU Factory - KANCEN


About Water-based PU Factory


Water-based PU factories are gaining popularity due to their environmental friendliness and low production costs. The technology has been around for a few years, but only recently has it been possible to implement it at scale. Kancen, one of the leading companies in this field, has developed a water-based PU manufacturing process that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


Water-based PU is a new type of polyurethane that is environmentally friendly and has many advantages over traditional polyurethane. Water-based PU is non-toxic and can be used in a variety of applications such as furniture, flooring and insulation. It also has a low impact on the environment and can be recycled many times.


Water-based PU Factory


Water-based PU is a type of PU made from water-based polymers. This type of PU is environmentally friendly and has little impact on the environment. It also has low odor and low water absorption. This makes it ideal for products that need to be environmentally friendly and have a low environmental impact.


Water-based PU is becoming more and more popular in the market due to its unique characteristics. It is eco-friendly, has low toxicity, and provides good performance. Furthermore, it is easy to process and has a long shelf life.

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