Product Category:Furniture leather/Sofa leather/PLAID

Width:                 1380mm-1400mm

Weight:                500g±50g

Thickness:           1.0mm±0.1mm

Composition:       60% PU + 32% polyester+8% cotton

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Product Details

Soft Sofa PU Factory - KANCEN


About Soft Sofa PU Factory


Looking for Soft Sofa PU Supplier? Check out our website! We offer a wide range of Soft Sofa PU in a variety of colors and styles, and we've got you covered!


If you're looking for a comfortable, affordable way to add some style and function to your living space, Soft Sofa PU is a great choice. Not only are they versatile and comfortable, but Soft Sofa PU comes in a variety of styles and colors to complement any room in your home. Plus, they're easy to care for and can last for years with proper care.


Soft Sofa PU Factory


There are many people who prefer Soft Sofa PU which is easy to clean. Soft Sofa PU also provides many advantages that other types of sofas do not have. They are very comfortable to sit on and often come with extra pillows or cushions for extra comfort. Some people even find that they sleep better on the Soft Sofa PU than on the hard sofa.


Soft Sofa PU is a popular choice for those who want a comfortable seating experience. They're also known to be more durable than traditional sofas, which is an advantage if you have a tendency to break things. Soft Sofa PU is also relatively easy to care for, which is an added bonus if you have pets or kids.


The Soft Sofa PU is perfect for anyone who wants to feel comfortable watching their favorite shows or working on their laptop. It's also great for small spaces as it doesn't take up much space.

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