Business Artificial Leather Manufacturer



Product Category:Furniture leather/Office leather/FATE

Width:                 1380mm-1400mm

Weight:                850g±85g

Thickness:           1.4mm±0.1mm

Composition:       35% PU + 65% ECO leather

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Product Details

Business Artificial Leather Manufacturer - KANCEN


About Business Artificial Leather Manufacturer


Kancen is a Business Artificial Leather Manufacturer specializing in high quality, durable leather products. Kancen is known for creating products that are both reliable and stylish. From conference chairs to laptop cases, Kancen has a wide range of products that can be customized to fit the needs of any business or individual.


Business Artificial Leather Manufacturer


Business Artificial Leather is a material made by creating synthetic leather substitutes. It has many advantages over traditional leather, including its ability to be more durable and flexible. Additionally, faux leather is less likely to stretch or tear than natural leather, making it a better choice for products that need to withstand heavy use.


Features of Business Artificial Leather:


1. Business Artificial Leather is a synthetic material that can imitate the appearance and feel of natural leather.


2, used in automobiles, furniture, clothing and other industries.


3. The characteristics of Business Artificial Leather include waterproof, water resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance.


4. It can be customized to meet the needs of different industries.

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