550g weight SHOAL cinema leather



Width:                 1380mm-1400mm

Weight:                550g±55g

Thickness:           1.0mm±0.1mm

Composition:       60% PU + 32% polyester+8% cotton

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Product Details

550g weight SHOAL cinema leather | SHOAL cinema leather | leather - KANCEN


550g weight SHOAL cinema leather is a great choice for those who want to enjoy movies on the go without sacrificing comfort. The material is soft and stretchy, making it ideal for watching movies for extended periods of time. It's also moisture- and smudge-resistant, keeping your screen looking new for longer.


Advantage of 550g weight SHOAL cinema leather:


1. 550g weight SHOAL cinema leather is a popular choice for cinema seats because it is durable and comfortable.


2. Unlike other materials like foam or cloth, film leather is designed to absorb shock and help reduce noise levels.


3. This is a good option for those who are particularly sensitive to sound or movement.


4. Also, its grainy texture helps create an immersive experience for the audience.


550g weight SHOAL cinema leather is known for its high quality and durability.


This weight has an advantage over other leathers because it's not as heavy as other types, making it easier to handle and transport. In addition, SHOAL cinema leather is also moisture resistant, making it ideal for use in wet environments.

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