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About Recycled imitation leather material


What is recycled imitation leather material


The synthetic imitation leather material that is often used in products such as purses and wallets is made from a variety of recycled materials. The recycled materials include tires, plastics, and even old furniture. This materials is often cheaper to produce than the real leather, which makes it a popular choice for products that need to be affordable but look high-end.


Recycled imitation leather material is a type of synthetic leather that is made from recycled materials. This type of material is sometimes used to make wallets, purses, and other small items. The recycled materials used to make this type of leather are often old clothing and shoe soles.


Leather is a popular material for bags, shoes, and other accessories. However, it is not renewable and can be expensive to replace. Recycled imitation leather is a materials that is made from recycled plastic and other materials. It is similar to regular leather, but is less expensive and more environmentally friendly.


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Why is artificial leather widely used in the sports industry?


Information of recycled imitation leather material


Recycled imitation leather material is gaining in popularity because of its many benefits. Not only does it have a high resiliency and strength, but it's also environmentally friendly. Recycled materials can be used to create products that are both durable and stylish.


The market for recycled imitation leather is growing, as more and more people are looking to protect their environment. The process of recycling imitation leather begins by removing the meat and skin from the animal, which leaves the hide. The hide is then cut into small pieces and heated until it expands. This process creates a thick, sticky paste that is used to make artificial leather. 


Some imitation leathers are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Leather imitation is not just for the budget-conscious shopper. In fact, many designers and craftspeople choose this recycled material because of its unique properties. Recycled imitation leather is strong and soft, making it a popular choice for products like purses, wallets, and athletic shoes.


Features of Recycled imitation leather material

Regenerated leather combines the characteristics of genuine leather and PU leather, and is a very common leather fabric today. Like genuine leather, regenerated leather is hygroscopic, breathable, and has the same softness and elasticity as genuine leather. The disadvantage is that the strength is worse than that of the leather of the same thickness, and of course it is worse than the PU leather. Since the production process of recycled leather is flexible and can be adjusted in real time, by increasing the amount of natural latex and changing the process formula, various products of different hardness and strength can also be made to make up for its own shortcomings. The later surface treatment is similar to that of PU leather. In terms of surface texture and color, the recycled leather is not only refurbished, but also new products are emerging one after another. More importantly, its extremely competitive price is only one tenth of that of genuine leather and three times that of PU leather. It is very valuable and cost-effective.


Manufacture of recycled leather


Recycled leather manufacturing is simple. The leather waste is torn and ground into fibers, and then pressed into sheets with adhesives such as natural latex and synthetic latex. It can replace the natural leather to make the insole, main heel and toe cap of leather shoes, and can also be used as a car seat. The shape of recycled leather can be made on demand. It is not only relatively strong, but also lightweight, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


Leather scraps can also be combined with plastic to make foamed leather. It has both the abrasion resistance of plastic and the elasticity and good slip resistance of leather, making it comfortable and firm to wear. According to calculations, if 10,000 tons of waste leather residues are used to make this kind of leather, the amount of PVC resin that can be saved is equivalent to the output of a 3,000-ton annual PVC factory for three years.


Using leftovers from shoemaking, leather goods and tanneries, after material selection and pretreatment, pulverized into leather pulp, and then add a series of compounding agents such as latex, sulfur, accelerator, activator, etc., fully stir and disperse evenly, It is placed on the Fourdrinier wire machine, and the finished product is obtained after dehydration, drying, polishing and other processes. Recycled leather can be used as the main heel, insole, visor and bicycle seat cushion of leather shoes.

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