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What is DMF free waterborne PU faux leather


DMF free waterborne PU faux leather is a popular and durable option for seat covers and car interior surfaces. It is resistant to water, dirt, and stains, and is easy to clean. This material is also lightweight and comfortable to sit on.


DMF free waterborne PU faux leather is a popular choice for upholstery and interior car seats. Unlike traditional PU leather, DMF free waterborne PU faux leather is made without the use of phthalates, which can be harmful to the environment. This material is also resistant to water damage and makes a durable option for furniture.


DMF free waterborne PU faux leather is a new type of PU that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and solvents. This environmentally-friendly material is perfect for products that will be exposed to water and other wet environments, such as shoes, bags, and wallets.


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Why is artificial leather fabric suitable for sofa seat covers?


Information of DMF free waterborne PU faux leather


DMF free waterborne PU faux leather is a type of faux leather that does not contain any formaldehyde or methylene chloride. This type of faux leather is created through a process that uses water andPU compounds. DMF free waterborne PU faux leather has a smooth, glossy finish that is perfect for use in products that require a high level of durability.


DMF-free waterborne PU faux leather is a new and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional PU leather. The material is made by dipping water-based polyurethanes into special binders, which prevents the release of dangerous monomers used in PU manufacturing. The result is a safe, sustainable, and natural product that can be used to create a variety of products.


This is a DMF free waterborne PU faux leather. It is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use and it has a very nice look.


Introduction of five differences between DMFA-free water-based PU leather and natural leather


In response to the emergence of more and more microfiber leather in the market, everyone is asking what is the difference between super DMFA-free water-based PU leather and natural leather? This question is introduced in five points in the next section of our analysis. I hope you can learn more about DMFA-free water-based PU leather through these contents.


DMFA-free water-based PU leather is an ideal artificial leather to replace natural leather, because it has more prominent advantages than natural leather in some properties, so in some cases, it can completely replace natural leather. So, what are its advantages compared to natural leather? Let's take a look at this problem below.


1. Compared with natural leather, the DMFA-free water-based PU leather has much higher wear resistance, stretch and tear than natural leather;


2. Strong acid and alkali resistance, not easy to be corroded.


3. Unlike natural leather, the quality of the leather will vary due to the different parts of the fur. The quality of the microfiber leather is uniform, which is easier to cut and produce on a large scale, which greatly reduces the waste of edges.


4. Less affected by temperature, still soft at low temperature, waterproof, anti-moth-eaten, and anti-mildew.


5. Reduce the amount of animals killed and be more environmentally friendly.


The advantages of PU artificial leather:


1. First of all, we all know that natural leather is no different from animal fur. Therefore, under the provisions of the National Animal Protection Law, some precious animal leather resources are relatively scarce, and people who like this type of clothing can choose PU Replacing artificial leather, on the one hand, virtually reduces the killing, and on the other hand can save money


2. At present, the technology of our artificial leather has basically reached a relatively mature stage of development, which can completely replace natural leather, and can almost be fake in appearance, so that we can also lose our dignity as much as possible.


3. Artificial leather is generally lighter and softer than natural leather, wear-resistant, and feels good. Compared with PU artificial leather, it is easier to take care of.


4. PU artificial leather also has the characteristics of breathability and warmth, especially when it is made into clothes, it is more comfortable to wear.


5. The most important point is that PU artificial leather is of high quality and low price, and it has the perfection that natural leather cannot achieve.


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